Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yeast Doughnuts

The other day, I was thinking about Krispy Kreme doughnuts and decided to give yeast doughnuts another try. I have tried making them before with moderate success, but it has been awhile since I have tried making any.
I got out my trusty Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. It was my Mother's copy and she gave it to me when I went away to college. I love that cookbook. It is a must-have in any kitchen! I really like the binder style of this older version. And, of course, all the good pages are a little food splattered and crusty!

I mixed up the dough and let it rise overnight, and then used a vintage doughnut cutter that I have to cut the doughnuts, and then let them rise again.
I think that they didn't get as light and fluffy as I hoped because my liquid ingredients were too hot when I added the yeast.

Here they are in the cooking oil.

The first batch or two got a little too brown as I adjusted my temperature and cooking time.

They weren't perfect, but they were pretty good anyway! We glazed them with a powdered sugar and milk icing. yummmmmm.

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