Monday, March 26, 2012

Giveaway Time!

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I used to be a rep for Southern Living at Home. Southern Living at Home isn't around anymore, I believe they were reorganized under a new name after the parent company of Southern Living magazine sold off that division. But I digress...
During my time with Southern Living at Home, I picked up lots of really great things at great prices with my consultant discount. I was cleaning out my laundry room this morning, and ran across one of those items. Don't ask me why it was in the laundry room. There were lots of things in there that really didn't belong! I will post the after pictures later, the before pictures were just way too scary.
The item I ran across is a copy of Southern Living Ideas for Great Kids' Rooms, a soft cover book, that is still wrapped in shrink wrap.
A quick bit of research shows me that it doesn't appear to be generally available new anymore. You can pick up a used copy for $4 on amazon, or $7 on ebay. Or, you can comment here and I'll give you my new copy for free! :)
Just post a comment. Any comment. Say hi, talk about the weather, whatever, as long as it is nice!
We will collect comments over the next few days, and post the winner on Friday 3/30.
So, be sure and comment before midnight 3/29. Domestic shipping to the winner is included. So, if you are international, please be prepared to pay the difference in shipping if you win.

**** This Giveaway is now Closed *****


Katherin Hull said...

Hello Missy!!!

i want fabric said...

Hi, I love you, and if I win, pick another one, as I have no children's room to decorate.

Love, Mom

Karen Parker said...

I love collecting decorating books for children's rooms - they allow me to dream! While I wish I could just go in and replicate some of the designs, I have tried to incorporate some pieces and ideas in my children's play room and bed rooms. Thanks for sharing a source of inspiration!

Karen Parker

Vicki Cohen said...

Good morning Missy!

I have been enjoying walking with your Mom in the "bowl" here in NC

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Missy!! I love Southern Living and kid decorating ideas!!

Rebecca May said...

My hubby's aunt worked for Southern Living for decades. 10 years ago we went for a visit and got to tour Southern Living in Birmingham. It was AMAZING!

Jenny said...

i check these kinds of books out of the library all the time. would be fun to own one!! thanks for a chance.

slim1969 said...

My first order tonight!! Been looking for weeks so excited to finally order and looking forward to getting me stuff!