Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Girl Room, part 3


Here is another project we did in G's new, big girl room... a pennant banner!  She doesn't have any real window treatments, aside from the mini-blinds. Since I'm on a budget and my goal is to bring in as much color and funkiness as possible, I whipped out some of Sweet Funky Vintage's fabric scraps, trims, pinking shears, and the sewing machine, and I whipped up this really cool pennant banner that I draped over the tops of her windows kind of like a valance. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sneak Peek

Here is a quick sneak peek of our latest home renovation/decoration project... 

I hope to be able to show you the finished product in the next few days, but for right now, this is just keeping it real! (and yes, those are diet coke cans holding up the wood in the picture above!)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Big Girl Room, part 2

Today, I will continue sharing some of the things I created to give my 9 year old a more grown up room!  I had an old lamp from Ikea, with a really plain, boring white lampshade on it, so I dressed it up with some really cool trims (again using the hot glue gun)!  The lamp bit the dust not long after I took this picture, and we replaced it with the coolest lamp from Target!
I also had this old mirror from my days of being a consultant with Southern Living at Home. The company has since folded, but I bet you could find a mirror like this on ebay if you tried. It was called the "dress me up mirror".  I just threaded some really cool polka dot ribbon through the holes.
There isn't really a "theme" to G's new room, we just want to make it colorful and a fun place to hang out. What do you think?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Girl's Room

Well, I find it pretty unbelievable that I haven't blogged since April. How embarrassing! I am going to take the position that the easiest way to begin blogging again is just to jump right in!
I'm going to start with sharing a recent project... updating my 9 year old's room.  Previously, she had been sharing a room with her sister, younger by 3 years, and was really ready to have her own room.  So, over the past 4 months or so, we have been working on giving her a more grown up feel to her room.
I bought some painted picture frames on etsy some time ago, and hung them on the wall, but hadn't done anything to them. So, I popped back over to etsy and purchased some really cool chevron fabric that I knew Riley Blake had come out with. Then, I visited my local Lowes store, and purchased some cork tiles. I covered the cork tiles with the fabric, securing them with hot glue, and then put the covered cork into the frames. Voila! A new wall treatment that we can change around as we like!

Tomorrow, I will share another project I completed for her new room!