Saturday, March 17, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date Night

One of the special traditions we have in our family is Daddy Daughter date night. We try to do it as often as we can, as often as the military will cooperate! Each girl ends up going on at least 1-2 special, one-on-one dates with Daddy each year. Our girls really enjoy the special time with Daddy. They plan out what they will wear and where they will go. Sometimes, they even tell Daddy what he has to wear!
Last week, our newly 5 year old Sophia went on her first Daddy Daughter date. Since it was the first one, Chris and I planned it out. But she chose her dress and was really excited to get all dressed up!
She was tickled to have me blow dry her hair out and put a pretty hair clip in, and she felt very grown up in her "bootiful" white dress.

Their destination? Chick Fil A. I know, you may think that sounds really lame, but let me explain. Our local chick fil a hosts family nights once a month. This month's theme was Daddy Daughter Princess night. Each "princess" was greeted with a flower and instead of counter service, the guests were seated and were served at their tables. There was a roving magician, and photos were taken. Chris said Sophia thoroughly enjoyed herself. I think she enjoyed having her Daddy all to herself!
After dinner, Chris took her to Frye's Electronics! I think she was less impressed with this destination. But, for those of you unfamiliar with Frye's, they have a HUGE fish tank there - for my Southern friends, the fish tank rivals those at the Bass Pro Shops.
When Sophia arrived home, I asked her how her date was. Her answer? "It was the baddest day ever." I asked her what happened and she replied that Daddy had refused to buy her the "Hello Keely" guitar she had spotted at Frye's. Then she smiled and said that it wasn't the baddest day ever after all.


Liz said...

Precious picture of Sophia!

sweetfunkyvintage said...

Liz - do you recognize the dress? It was Lily's!