Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Elephant Bar

I have a Kindergartener who has really discovered the joy of reading. I mean, she has loved books and reading since she was tiny. And she has been learning to read for a year or so, but recently everything has really "clicked" and she is successfully reading independently. One of the things she does in her classroom, is complete reading sheets. When she reads a book, she records the title on her reading sheet. Each sheet has a place to write down 15 book titles, and each time she completes a sheet and turns it in, she gets a sticker on a chart on the wall. When the chart on the wall is completely filled with stickers, it represents 300 books. She recently completed the wall chart, and as a reward, her teacher gave her a Junior Explorer certificate for the Elephant Bar - good for a free kids meal. God Bless her, Olivia's kindergarten teacher lives down the street from us and knows all of our girls (she was also Georgia's kindergarten teacher, and we are crossing our fingers that Sophia may have her next year too). Mrs. Marshall, also has three daughters, so she was kind enough to give us three certificates instead of just one!
Olivia was so excited about going out to a "fancy dinner" together. She and the sisters got dressed up and off we went!

We had never been to the Elephant Bar before, so even though it is a chain restaurant, it was kind of an adventure for us. Really, if you think about it, just about everything can be an adventure with three girls under the age of 9 whether you like it or not!

The girls ordered a hamburger and bbq ribs. I didn't take any pictures of their meals, they were pretty standard - what you would expect. Good sized portions and they enjoyed them a lot!

Chris and I started off with their lettuce wraps appetizer. We are big fans of the lettuce wraps at other restaurants, so we were looking forward to them. They had a different flavor, but were very good.

The girls really enjoyed the special time together as a family. It really made us want to do things like this more often.

We started with a garden salad. Chris was so hungry, he began eating and almost forgot we were sharing!

For our entree, we shared the Sechzuan garlic shrimp and chicken with vegetable fried rice.

It was absolutely delicious!

We also shared a side order of the four cheese and macaroni - it was very, very good!

Just before we left, the girls all posed in front a big Elephant in the foyer.

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