Monday, March 12, 2012

Urban Barn

I have posted about the Urban Barn before, but we just love that place! So, I am sharing with you our latest visit to our favorite place for everything vintage.

There are really neat home decor pieces just everywhere you look at the Urban Barn. Look at this really cool ironwork just hanging from the ceiling!

Loved this chippy white armoire... Where could I find a home for that at my house?

I love this. I love it even more than the arched white window that I saw the last time I was at Urban Barn (that is still there, by the way). I need for this to come and hang on the big blank wall I have in my living room, above the television armoire. It was only $129. Maybe I will go back for it...

Look at this! This secretary/curio cabinet was only $299. I thought it had a great price - great value!

This was a really unique piece. A metal box that contained old film cans. Each can had a typewritten note attached with a description of the film. Sadly, the films were no longer inside.

Another shot of that great secretary.

Loved these really great stained glass windows.

This piece of furniture is enormous! Take a look at Jessica and the mannequin in front of the furniture to try to get perspective on how tall it is. I bet the piece measures at least 10 feet tall. I wonder how they transported it!!

A couple of times a month, additional vendors visit the Urban Barn and bring more treasures! I sooo need a pink trailer like this!

This weekend is flea market weekend.

These chairs were really cool.

More Urban Barn lovelies tomorrow...

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Kay Ellen said...

Looks like a great show...I have to say I love miss Tricia from Vintage Bliss...

A true sweetie and talented friend:)

Kay Ellen