Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chips and Salsa Day...

We went on a field trip today to our favorite antique store - Urban Barn. I will blog with lots of fabulous pictures on Monday. But, it was just such a beautiful day here and much too warm and sunny to stay inside, so we went on a field trip! We started at the Urban Barn, and ended up at On the Border. I know that On the Border is a chain Mexican restaurant and really nothing special, but we just love the chips and salsa. So, from time to time, we just head over there to eat our body weight in salsa. Okay, maybe I am the only one actually eating my body weight in salsa. When super Jayne still lived in San Diego and worked with us at Sweet Funky Vintage, she would go along to On the Border, and when we would sit down and the waitress would come over to take our order, Jayne would ask for her to bring us a pitcher of salsa. The waitress would laugh, thinking that we were joking. But, then after her fourth or fifth time to our table to fill up the salsa bowls, she would be wishing she had just brought the pitcher to begin with!!


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