Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meet the Lane Family! We Remember....

I thought it'd be nice to introduce my family, since I'm relatively new here! I thought most of you "know" Missy and her family already since she's the main blogger and "face" here, so here's my family~ We are Greg, Jessica, Thomas and Anna Lane!

Since today is the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, 2001, I figured that's a good place to start. On that day, I was pregnant with my oldest~ Thomas. It's really hard to belive that it's been 10 years~ I remember that morning so clearly, and the pain and horror watching everything on TV. My husband (Greg) is from New Jersey, and has lots of family in New York... I had friends living and working in the business district... I had friends working in the Pentagon. As the initial disbelief in what I was seeing wore off, I started emailing and calling. My friends ended up being ok, but my husband lost a cousin ~ he was a firefighter and was in one of the towers. Robert "Bobby" Lane~ Engine 55. He was a true hero, as were so many people that day! We will not forget!

So, Thomas was born about 4 months after Sep 11th...Greg was deployed, but made it home for the birth and got to stay for a few days after~ yeah! Thomas is 9 now, and in 4th grade this year. He's a voracious reader and very bright. He's active in Boy Scouts and occasionally sports (Soccer, baseball, hiking). We found out he has Celiac's about 2 years ago, so it's been an adjustment for us. I will try to post some gluten-free recipes some time if there's an interest! But Thomas keeps us on our toes with his insight and wit.

Anna is in 2nd grade this year~ loving every minute! She's very social and artistic, and loves to watch HG TV with us. :-) It makes me smile. She keeps us busy with her playdates and social calendar, as well as Girl Scouts, and occasional sports too.

My husband, Greg, is a Marine Helicopter pilot~ He flies the great big CH-53s~ they can move mountains. ;-) We've known each other for over 20 years now, and there are still days I catch myself thinking of the first time we met, and how young we were! He is probably the only person who could put up with me and my idiosyncracies! He's an incredible person and truly my friend and love.

And this is me! I was very excited to join SFV this year, and hope to follow in Liz's footsteps and maybe make a few of my own! It's been an incredible experience so far! I'm going to try and be a more active poster~ But at least now you'll know who I am! :-)

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Liz said...

Thanks, Jessica, I loved "meeting" your family!