Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A post that WILL help you de-fluff,

Wow, I really admire those of you who have made the commitment to join us! We are going to help and encourage as much as we can! So far we have Angel, Kacey, Markat286, Missy (we are going to call you Missy2 to avoid confusion)and Anita K. KD lost, are you committing or just enjoying your fluff? Either way, we are happy to have you along! Congratulations on making the commitment! So far we range from 10 to 100 pounds!
I have been using a tool for the last 3 days that is REALLY helping me to keep track of what I am eating. To give you some background, I am not grossly overweight...some would say that I am not at all, but for my height (5'2 and bone structure, small) I am definitely on the heavier side of the weight chart. That said, I have never counted calories or tried seriously to lose weight. So, my dilemma was, how do I do it? I feel like the trick for me is "mindful eating". That is, really paying attention to everything I eat and being accountable. I have found this tool to be SUPER helpful.

The tool is called the Daily Plate and can be found on

that's where you start by registering. Once you register, click the daily plate and get started. I have found the food list to be super comprehensive...down to the 6 m&m's I had one day, and if the food is not listed you can add it. I have been tracking everything I eat, my exercise and my weight. It really helps me to see it in black and white. If you are like me, some of the things you eat "don't count" 'cause I just had a bite or ate them off my daughter's plate or ate them standing up or on a holiday or whatever. Unfortunately my friends, science doesn't lie and they all count, even cake on your own birthday...I know it's sad, sad news! So enter them all and face it...

A really cool feature is that it calculates how many calories you may have each day, subtracts them from your total as you eat them and tells you how many you have left for the day. If you track you exercise, it will also give you additional calories....motivation to get moving! How cool is that!? I have already seen a small difference on the scale in just 3 days! Try it and let me know what you think!

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Missy said...

Missy2 here and thanks for the post about Daily Plate - registering there next. I, too, am 5'2 and just tired of being (in my opinion) on the heavier side. So, thanks for sharing the link. May I change my goal to 15lbs???