Saturday, September 3, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Olliegraphic and Funky Vintage Lovely

Yay! It's Friday! Time for some super cute favorite things!
This week I want to share the ca-utest personalized items from Olliegraphic. I can't remember where I ran across them originally, but immediately fell in love. I ordered some printable stationery for the girls and personalized plates for them for Christmas. They are melamine and have held up beautifully! We use them all the time and run them through the dishwasher.

Not too long ago, they started making the most adorable pillows - EVER. I really want to get these for the girls for Christmas this year.

How cute are these???

Whatever product you choose, you get to plan out just the right look to match your little one by selecting from the hair, skin, and eye choices.

She doesn't keep up with her blog anymore, but you can follow her facebook page for updates on new things. But, on her blog, you can find these great free printable Christmas cards.

Going to new craft markets has opened my eyes to many new and beautiful vendors! I'm sure my husband would rather we didn't roam around when we go to set up, but it has to be done.

One of my favorites that we found at the Queen Bee Market is Funky Vintage Lovely. April is the owner and always creates such a beautiful booth! LOVE her doors and her setup, and her frames are gorgeous. Missy had gotten a recipe frame in fuschia at the Queen Bee show in May, and I've been drooling over it since then. So when we went back in August, we went by April's booth to see what she had, and I fell in LOVE with this beauty!

The market hadn't even opened yet and April was kind enough to tag it "sold" for me. YEAH! Super sweet of her, especially as I didn't come by to pick it up until the very very last possible second! OOPS! But I was so happy with that purchase, I immediately brought it home and showed my husband... then hung it up. The kids think it is fabulous, with Anna loving to write on it whenever I'll let her. I really wanted it to be a motivational or inspirational spot for our family. I need to get a book of uplifting quotes to draw from. So far, our friend Timmery has been keeping it stocked with quotes! Thanks Timmery!

But back to Funky Vintage Lovely~ April has not only a beautiful sense of style, but also a touching story to share. Her blog is inspirational and very personal. I love it!

(I had to pop into Jessica's part of the Favorite Things Friday post to share pictures of my 2 items!)
This frame I purchased from April and Jessica's husband added the chicken wire for me to use it as a clipboard.

And here is the famous fuschia recipe card holder. I didn't realize it was a chalkboard too until I saw April at the last Queen Bee Market!



{april kennedy} said...

You two are so sweet! Thank you so much for the love and kind words. Made me smile. So glad you are loving your chalkboards too. :) Hope to see you in November!!

Timmery said...

I love the chalkboard! It's such a great way to search out encouragement so it can be shared with others!