Friday, September 9, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Lands End and Saltwater Sandals

Welcome to this Friday's "Favorite Things Friday" post!

I heart Lands End. Their quality is excellent, prices are great, and looks can be made trendy and hip or conservative and classy.

I have purchased my girls' swim suits from Lands End for the last couple of summers now. They hold up so well. The Target suits we got lost all of their elasticity. The mini Boden suits we got faded and pilled. Lands End suits can be worn summer after summer, and when one girl outgrows their suit, we just pass them down!

Lands End used to be only a catalog company, and you could shop from their website. Although, I did run across a Lands End boutique in an airport in Minneapolis that was totally fun to shop in! A couple of years ago, Lands End partnered up with Sears. So, you can find some Lands End merchandise in your local Sears. I have found that they don't always have a great selection, though, and I was almost always better off just shopping the catalog and online. But, a few months ago, I ran across a higher-end Sears store in a neighboring community. A really large section of the store was devoted to Lands End - women's, men's and children. Jackpot! I had already purchased my summer swim suit and the suits for the girls. But, I had been eyeing additional suits and I was lucky to find they were all on sale. I scored big time, by purchasing suits, and dresses for all of us for Daddy's return from deployment (more on that later).
Now, I am not gushing about Lands End because I am compensated in some way (I wish!). They don't know who I am, other than just another customer.
But with the quality and value I have experienced, I will keep coming back!
I am making my wish list for some new fall fashions...

Love this look!

And here is a great fall kid's look- layering fun!

I also heart Saltwater Sandals (by Hoy Shoes). I was introduced to them by my good friend, Liz, several years ago. Her daughter, Lily, passed down a pair of saltwater sandals to my Georgia. I was amazed that they had a pair of white sandals to pass down. Our sandals get pretty worn in a single season of wear, especially the white ones!
I wasn't familiar with Saltwater Sandals and the fact that they are great to get wet. A nice looking sandal that can get wet? HUH? As a matter of fact, they encourage it! Whoa Nellie! And they won't get that funky, wet shoe smell? Nope. Not even a little bit. And, they come in fabulous colors!

Buy some of these sandals for your kids, you won't regret it!
The first pairs we purchased for all of the girls, we bought at Nordstrom. I wanted to try them on and make sure to get a good fit for each kid. We bought silver - they go with everything!!!

The next time, we just ordered the sandals from Zappos.

I love that they have both of these styles too - they remind me of the Bernardos sandals I wore through my childhood!


Liz said...

I miss the sunsans! Wish she would still wear them! ♥

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just wanna say you're such a good blogger! I wish I was as consistent as you. I've become addicted to your posts, have to check like everyday. I "happened across" the Poopy Party from some time ago and I have to say that that is the funniest thing e-v-e-r! My youngest (#6) is in potty training now, just turned three (yes, we're running late with the whole thing, I'm quite relaxed about some things at this point) and now I'm thinking that just might be our ticket to potty success. Besides, she LOVES a good party! Thanks for blogging and being so good at it:)