Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Reading

As a new reader, my kindergartener wanted to institute a summer reading program around here. Yes, you read that right - it was totally initiated by her. I had plans to to to the local scholastic books warehouse sale last week, so I looked for early reader books for her similar to the ones that her teacher used with the kids in the classroom this year. They had a program called the "book buddy bag", and each night the kids brought home a bag with 3 or 4 or in my daughter's case, sometimes 9 books, to read before returning to school the next day. My daughter was sad to see the daily book bag program end as we are approaching the end of the school year. So, we are going to do a summer book program here in our house. I have put some books together in a bin, and am using the reading log sheet pictured below. Feel free to use it at your house! When she completes each sheet, I will let her pick a little prize or treat out.
I would love to hear if you decide to use this with your family too!


Rachel said...

Missy I'm totally loving this reading log!
We have a Summer reading program here as well. My daughter is already 5 1/2 books in and we don't start summer vacation until tomorrow!

Thanks so much for sharing!


Debra said...

HI Missy--

We are HUGE fans of your designs--they are so fresh and girly! LOVE the sweet mix of fabrics!

Your reading log is super cute. I would be thrilled to "borrow" this idea for my daughter, a recent kindergarten grad and avid reader.

Inbetween modeling and summer fun, we will be reading several books--we went to Barnes & Noble today and bought the new American Girl Rebecca series. Looking forward to getting started.

Have a great summer,

Debra & Morgan