Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project a Day - Family Sign

Today's project uses my Silhouette! I'm so excited to be using it to make something for my newly painted fireplace mantel!

I saw this sign first on Pinterest, but cannot link to it here, because Pinterest has flagged the original site as an unsafe link. Sorry about that!

I set up my laptop and silhouette on the kitchen island so I would have plenty of room to spread out and work!

I had a board that had been cut, sanded, and painted for a project that never quite got completed. So, I measured it and determined how big the lettering should be and how the spacing should be arranged.

I am a true novice at using my silhouette, so it is all a learning process for me. I decided to do the layout all in one, instead of piecing it all together. If I had smooshed all the lettering together and then cut it out and placed it on the board, I would definitely have used less vinyl. But, I'm just not that patient with measuring and placement, so I figured this was a better way to make it look neat.

Here it is with the vinyl cut out, and the negative vinyl removed.

Then, I applied the transfer tape. My silhouette came with all sorts of gadgets. I even know how to use some of them! My favorite is the dental pick looking thing - it is used to remove the insides of the o's and a's, etc.  This blue squeegee thing is used to really smooth on the transfer tape and the vinyl to whatever you are sticking it to.

Here is the vinyl removed from its backing, just stuck to the reverse of the transfer tape. It is now ready to be applied to my board.

I carefully placed the tape on the board, positioning the lettering where I wanted it to be. I even measured. a little.

I carefully pulled off the tape and here is my finished sign!

And, here it is on my newly painted mantel. What do you think?


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