Thursday, January 31, 2013

Project of the Day - Tupperware Cabinet

 Maybe you have a gorgeous, perfectly organized tupperware cabinet. I do not. Mine is a disaster. All the time. Today, I am going to try to tame the chaos.  We will see how that goes!
Here is the before picture:
There is a lot of stuff crammed in there. There are a few small appliances, some can coozies, and lots and lots of plastic containers and lots and lots of lids. Maybe, just maybe, some of them go together. Maybe.

The first thing I did is to empty the cabinet:
I ask you... does anyone really need this many plastic containers? If everything in my refrigerator was neatly contained in one of these AND Martha Stewart came over to my house to neatly place all the containers into my refrigerator, I would still have lots of leftover containers. Easily.

The next thing I did was to separate the containers from the lids. Then I organized the containers by shape - round, square, and rectangle.

Then, I paired each container with the matching lid. If there was no lid to match, the containers went into a pile. At the end, all lids that hadn't matched up with a container went into the same pile. I made one last ditched effort to pair up anything in that pile. No luck.
The above picture is the pile that had no match. This, my friends, is why my cabinet was so jumbled up and it took an act of Congress to find a lid and container to put my leftovers in each evening after dinner.
I found in the cabinet, half of an Easter egg. Doesn't everyone need a half of an Easter egg in their tupperware cabinet.

Next, I nestled all the of the containers inside other containers to save space, placing the coordinating lid directly beneath the container it goes with. Then, I put everything neatly back into the cabinet. Surprise! Surprise! Everything fit neatly in the cabinet.
Everything is easily accessible and each container is paired with the lid that fits. Putting away leftovers will be a breeze!!

Go - clean out your cabinet - you will be sooooo happy. I promise!

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