Friday, January 18, 2013

Project a Day - Toy Collection Bin

I don't know if you share my struggle, but if you have kids, I would imagine that you probably do. Which struggle do I speak of? The toys all over the place and nobody wants to pick up their toys struggle. Do you know that one?
I saw this idea on facebook, posted by a friend of mine...

And, I love this idea!  I am ready to try it because just a few weeks ago, we all cleaned out the playroom. We got rid of old, broken toys and toys that were outgrown and no longer played with. We trashed alot of broken crayons and papers and goodness only knows what!  Every toy that remained was put in its place. Bins were labeled, and everything was neatly organized.  How long did that last, you may ask. Well, not nearly long enough!  The Barbies were hanging out with the Groovy Girls and the Legos were hanging out in the kitchen. And there was trash and papers and a little of everything else just about everywhere else! Ugh!  
So, I have given warning. The kids must get serious about not leaving stuff out and when it is time to clean up, not throwing whatever it is into the nearest bin and calling it good!
Here is the sign I created, if you would like to print it out:
And here are the chores I created (and the pocket to put them in):

Here is my completed toy bin:

Wish me luck!

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