Monday, October 15, 2012

Monster Mash Part 3 - More Halloween Fun!

My girls are so excited about Halloween approaching!  We have decided on and ordered their costumes, so I think, hopefully, crossing my fingers, that we are all set for the big day!  I won't spoil the surprise of what they decided to be, so I will share that info later, along with pictures!

Have your kids decided what they will be yet?

I love this idea for a little guy... a jetpack!

How stinkin' cute is that?! And, it doesn't look too hard to make!

Will you be having a Halloween Soiree this year? Yah, me neither. But, if I were, I would totally make these cutlery packets!  They rock - and they are a free printable! Yahoo!

And if I were having a rockin' Halloween party - I would totally channel my inner Martha and make one of these pumpkin coolers!

If you and your spouse are attending a costume party - here is a pretty funny costume idea!
It wouldn't be to difficult to make it out of felt...

One last idea to share with you today... a yummy Halloween snack - puppy chow!


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