Monday, October 8, 2012

Have you seen our new catalog?

Our new catalog is really beautiful! It features lots of looks from our Fall/Winter collection - San Diego.  All of the photography was done by a really outstanding photographer - Megan of A Beautiful Moment Photography.    Megan was pregnant at the time of our photo shoots and she was such a trooper to keep up with all of our models at our various locations around San Diego! And every picture she took was amazing!  Deciding on exactly which shots would appear in the catalog was a tremendously hard task.
I just cannot say enough to recommend her. If you have photography needs, give Megan a call!  Check out her facebook page too!

Some of my favorite pictures from our photo shoots:

You can see the digital version of our catalog here:

And if you would like to receive a real paper copy in the mail, just email us!

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