Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring break - Day One!

We took a really quick little vacation at the start of Spring Break, a quick trip to Las Vegas with some friends of ours.
We had a really great time and documented the trip with some great pictures taken with our favorite photo program for the iphone, Instagram!
We left home mid-morning on Friday and stopped for a fantastic Mexican food lunch on our way to Las Vegas.
We arrived to the JW Marriott late afternoon (traffic across the state line into Nevada was horrendous!), checked into our room, and headed straight for the pool!

(how pretty is this carpet?)
One of the families in our group upgraded to a pretty sweet suite!

By dinnertime, our entire group had arrived and we were headed to the Irish pub in the hotel for dinner. You should have seen the hostess when we asked for a table for 19. It was very entertaining!

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