Monday, April 23, 2012

Big Bubble Solution

We needed a few different Spring Break activities that we could do at home, so I scoured the internet (okay, I browsed briefly) and found a bubble solution that we actually had the ingredients for on hand. We gave it a try.
Mixing it up was easy.
Then, we went to the garage to search for bubble wands and discovered that they didn't survive past last summer. So, pulled out some floral wire I had in my "craft crap" drawer and made our own!
It wasn't too bad at first, but we found it was even better the next day!
If you'd like the recipe:
12 cups of water
 1 cup dish soap
 1 cup cornstarch
 2 tbsp baking powder

 In a clean bucket or dishpan mix together ingredients in order. Keep a ladle or scoop in the bucket and stir occasionally making sure not to cause too much foam. Remove the excess foam as it appears. When the bucket is half empty add another cup of water.

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