Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Homemade Butter

Our next adventure into at-home Spring Break activities was making our own butter! This was something that was rediculously easy to do! All you need is a small jar with a lid (we used a baby food jar), a marble (although I read online that you don't really need the marble), and some heavy whipping cream (and a dash of salt).
My girls had so much fun doing this! We poured some cream into the jar, no measuring required, just filled it up a little over halfway, sprinkle in a little salt too. Put the lid on nice and securely.
Shake some more. I had the most fun watching my girls do this because they couldn't seem to shake the jar without actually jumping up and down at the same time!
We shook the jar until you couldn't hear the marble really rattling around anymore. Then we removed the lid and looked in. It wasn't quite butter yet, more like whipped cream. So, we replaced the lid and shook some more. Then, we opened and checked and it looked like butter. However, you do need to pour off the liquid (whey).
Make some toast, spread on your homemade butter and enjoy. You will not believe how much better it tastes!
If you want an even yummier version, put in a little honey when you pour in the cream. Outstanding!

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