Thursday, August 25, 2011

Green Lunches Revisited! Snack Baggie Tutorial/Giveaway

So, last week Missy had posted about Green lunches~ helping to keep our world a better place! I thought I'd do a tutorial on these fun reuseable snack bags to follow up on that. They're super easy and will be loved by your little ones!

Start with a piece of fabric 6" wide by 16" long~ this will make a sandwich size bag. For the smaller snack baggies, cut that measurement in half~ to a 6" x 8" piece.

Cut a piece of lining material the same measurement as your main fabric. I use a ripstop nylon, but I have a friend who uses recycled cereal bags! Serge across the two short ends with wrong sides together.

Apply velcro across the two short ends~ Put the hook side of the velcro (the scratchy side) on the right side of the fabric. Put the soft side of the velcro on the lining side of the baggie. That way, when your little one puts their hand in the bag, they're rubbing up against the soft velcro instead of the scratchy one! Also, make sure you go around a couple of times to really secure the velcro!

Now fold the baggie up so the velcro strips will line up when the flap is folded over~ You don't want a gap at the top for snacks to sneak out! Once you have the closure lined up, serge down the sides. Tack down the serger ends and you're done!

Now, if you're not especially looking forward to making your own baggies, here are some for purchase on etsy!

Here's a great zoo one.

This is a super fun forest one~

And a Cat in the Hat!

I hope you are inspired to add these little bags to your re-useable lunch setup! To help you get started, we are giving away the three argyle bags shown in the first photo. Remember, we don't offer these for sale anywhere! So, enter and see if you win! To enter, post here what you are going to do (or are already doing) to have more earth-friendly school lunches. Giveaway will end midnight, Sunday 8/28/11. Share this giveaway on twitter and facebook for two additional entries. Please post separate comments for each entry. We will draw and post the winner here on our blog, Monday, 8/29/11.


Jennifer Gerrey said...

I use reuseable/washable containers for my kids lunches. I also use washable bottles for their drinks.

Anonymous said...

these are adorable! I also use reusable pouches instead of baggies and washable water bottles. Nice to see how many folks are on board with this movement.

Jenny said...

thanks for the tutorial! i love the idea of using old cereal bags!! i packed my very first school lunch for my daughter today, so im just learning about all this green ways to pack a lunch!

Sheila said...

We've been on-board with "Waste Free" lunches for 2 years now. My 3 kids have Laptop Lunch kits, reusable cutlery, Sigg Bottles and lots of reusable snack bags from etsy. (I can't sew). We're saving the Earth three lunches at aa time!