Friday, August 12, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Pinterest

Pinterest. Sigh. If you haven't discovered Pinterest, you probably have more spare time than I do!! LOL Pinterest is eye candy, pure and simple. A place to discover how to live with style! It is a website that you will discover all kinds of creative inspiration. Liz and I were joking the other day that it sucks you in and makes you want to take fabulous pictures, cook incredibly delicious meals, throw fantastic parties, dress with absolute style and panache, and have a gloriously decorated home. Really, it is that good!
So, the cliff's notes on how to really get the most out of pinterest. First, you have to join. Sometimes there is a waiting list, so don't get discouraged. Apply to join, and wait. If you don't get an invite, apply again after a short time.
Exploring pinterest is really addicting. Basically, you can see the images that were meaningful to others and they wanted to "bookmark" the original location for further exploration later. And, you can categorize the "pins" you make, so you can have a category for dashing duds, fabulous food, home dec, crafty goodness, and so on. And instead of it being text based, like bookmarking a site on your own computer, it is a visual reminder - a picture of exactly what on that web page that you wanted to remember and come back to later. I am such a visual person, this couldn't be more perfect for me!
And, when you find someone you have oodles in common with, then you can "follow" their boards (categories) and see everything they "pin" and if it strikes your fancy, you can re-pin it - which enables you to place it in one of your categories for later use. I laugh at the fact that Liz and I seem to re-pin each others pins with regularity!
There is also an ipad and iphone app for pinterest (of course!)
Here are a few of my categories and some of my favorite "pins" in them. Keep in mind that when you join, pinterest automatically gives you a list of categories to use. You can edit the names and add more as necessary. I am still exploring, so some of their titles don't fit me perfectly, but I haven't decided exactly what I want to change the titles to either!

Products I Love:

mason jar sippy cups.

polka dot straws.

Party Fun:

ice cream cone ballons. (wish I had had this idea when I had the ice cream themed birthday party for Georgia a couple of years ago)

pre-mixed cocktails served in mason jars.

milk and cookies

My Style Pinboard:

I am sure you can imagine how great these are for getting ideas on how to put great outfits together that are perfectly accessorized. Nordstrom Rack - here I come with my cheat sheet!!!

For the Home:
Someday I may build my dream home. Or, renovate one that is kinda close, or maybe just get a few simple decorating ideas from here...

if I had a bathroom that looked like this, I might never get out of the bathtub.

what is not to like about this kitchen? my favorite part? The dog bowls, of course!

what a great laundry room.

what a fantastic storage solution for the space beneath the stairs!

this just makes me laugh.

Crafty Goodness:

i am totally making this! Frame from Ikea, fabric backing and a wooden letter.

how to make a mason jar into a lantern.

great 4th of July decoration with hand and footprints.

i am saving up my corks!

5 pillows in matching pillowcases all sewn together!

Foodie Love:

tiny caprese kabobs.

egg toast bacon cups.

banana pie.

baked zucchini sticks and sweet onion dip.

Okay... enough already! Visit pinterest and follow my boards and you can find these and many, many, many more, as well as follow them to the original postings with more information about the recipes, crafts, etc.

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