Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Reads for Kids

My husband and I are readers. We love to read. And, it is really important to us that our girls love to read as well.
Georgia definitely has a love of books. When she was seven, she saved up her birthday money and all her spare change to buy a kindle. We helped her to buy her kindle and she has taken really good care of it and reads even more than she did before. Our philosophy is to buy her the books that she wants to read and to encourage her to read some of our choices too. When she was four, we started with the American Girl books. I read them aloud to her and we made our way through each of the books of the historical girls.
In case you have a child in your life to shop for - books are always a really good gift.
Here are a few of our favorites...

Frindle by Andrew Clements - Trying to aggravate a tough language-arts teacher, a fifth-grade boy invents a new word for pen: "frindle." Soon, the whole country is using it.
-This is a great book to donate to a classroom library as well!

Just Grace by Charice Mericle Harper - Grade 2–4—Just Grace starts with a list of missed opportunities and finishes with the rich possibility of a new friend. In between, third-grader Grace Stewart sends postcards to her next-door neighbor (purporting to be from Crinkles, the neighbor's own cat), draws comics of Not-So-Super ("but still good") superheroes, plays detective with her best friend when Crinkles goes missing, tries to avoid the odious Sammy Stringer, and establishes herself as a true original in a class with not one, but four, Graces.
- This is a whole series of books, and Georgia loves them!

Clementine by Sara Pennypacker. Grade 2-4–Clementine, a not-so-common third grader, knows her way around the principal's office as well as she does the art-supply closet.
- Another series of books - we love getting to know more and more about favorite characters!

The Froggy books by Jonathan London. This is a pretty big series of kids picture books. All of my girls love to read them over and over again! You name it, there is probably a froggy book about it! Georgia was already a fan when she was able to "meet" the Froggy character at our local public library several years ago.

What are some of your kids' favorite books?

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