Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sophia Turns 2!

We held Sophia's birthday party on a Sunday afternoon. We weren't going to really do a big to-do because she is turning 2 and at that age, cake and singing by just the family is a big to-do, you know?

So, we got a cake from a local bakery and invited over our fabulous neighbors and had a little party.

Sophia thought the candles were pretty exciting!

But the cake and ice cream was an even bigger hit!


She is a pretty messy eater!


With three girls in the house, and so soon after Christmas, the girls really need nothing. So, I requested that our friends come, but not bring gifts. They all completely ignored me. And, as soon as I invited them, they told me that they were going to ignore me! They crack me up! And, they threatened me that if I protested, they would bring drum sets and moon sand!




We all had a really great time. We had so much fun, the afternoon party turned into dinner. We all ordered pizza and hung out all evening!

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Kim Sue said...

it's cracking me up that your friends just told you that they were ignoring you :o)

Corrie said...

I'm loving the birthday banner & Farmer's Market fabric! What a sweet birthday girl. How fun!