Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to ... me!

My cup runneth over. Really and truly.
Today is my 38th birthday. My husband is out of town, but he left my very capable girls in charge of Operation Birthday. So, I woke to the sounds of very busy children downstairs. I checked facebook on my Sony Dash (which I really, really love... will have to blog about it sometime) and read that my Mom had called and spoken to the girls already and I probably would want to go downstairs and check in with them. I waited until the girls came to get me and then went to my "birthday party". And, what a party it was! I grabbed my camera and took pictures, because really, my descriptions dont do it justice.
Most of you know how much I love to throw parties and love to plan parties even more. My Georgia, is a girl after my own heart!

Georgia made the cupcake using her Girl Gourmet cupcake maker (think modern day take on the Easy Bake Oven that involves the use of the microwave).

Here is the tablescape...

And, the decorations...

the handmade flowers came from an American Girl craft kit of Georgia's. There were at least 20 of these flowers spread around the room on the floor like confetti.

this paper was taped to the outside of the TV cabinet. Note the pencil propped on the knobs - is that in case they had an overwhelming need to add to the artwork in a hurry?!

and the refreshments... ice water and fruit salad.

Wait, you must see a close-up of the fruit salad! Yes, those are tomatoes!

The girls gave me some presents - these are my favorites - my very own handmade jewelry to wear!

Who wouldn't want to spend their birthday with these girls?! ;)

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