Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Craft #14 - Gift in a can!

I found this awesome idea while blogsurfing the other day! How neat is this?? Here is the website where I found the idea.

The example shown here is a last minute teacher gift, but I am thinking that it can be done for whatever occasion you want - and how stinkin' cute will it be decorated in Christmas scrapbooking paper and jingle bells and that sort of thing!

I don't happen to have a safety can opener, but am totally willing to buy one if it means I can make this cool craft!
You use a fruit can or can with a pull tab top. But instead of pulling the tab, you use your safety can opener, the kind that uncrimps the can instead of cutting out the circle, and you use it on the bottom of the can, empty out the contents, wash it up, and stuff it with whatever you want - candy, treats, etc. Then hot glue the bottom back onto the can, and decorate it! I am thinking I might do these with my girls to give to their friends for Christmas!

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