Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Craft #24 - Printable Gift Tags

Sigh. I would love to say that my Christmas gifts are so beautifully wrapped that they are a sight to behold. Alas, they are a sight to behold alright, but not because they are beautiful!! Spending the first solid week of my Christmas break feeling terrible, suffering from a double-whammy of bronchitis and laryngitis... I guess I have a good excuse. But, I do wish my present wrapping was more Martha-worthy than they are. As they are, they have no bows, and the gift tags are sadly the tiny folded pieces of wrapping paper. But, hey, at least the sad little paper tag matches the gift wrap used on the gift itself... mostly.
In my dreams, though, my gifts have beautiful tags like these, by Eat Drink Chic.
But, we are in luck, the uber-talented Amy of Eat Drink Chic has gifted us with these beautiful gift tags that we can use! Yay!

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