Monday, April 27, 2009

So, we DO know Jack....sort of

We know this Jack....he's hysterically funny, but doesn't read our blog (why not, Jack?) and won't fit in the shirt....

We WISH we knew this Jack, but he has the same issues as the FIRST Jack

We ALL know this Jack, but I don't usually see him wearing a shirt and I don't think he can read

Anyhoo....there were so many people who commented and SO many deserving Jacks that we had to draw a Jack out of a hat...
The winning Jack was nominated by Kelly with this heartfelt comment:

I DO know a Jack and he is the son of one of your trunk show hostesses - Kari Lennon in Tampa. I am commenting on her behalf because she would be way too humble to go for this shirt, but she REALLY deserves it. Her little Jack is only a size 6, but hey, he'll grow into it, right? He has very blonde hair, a precious little smile and absolutely loves animals. He is the third child out of four, so he deserves this sassy new t-shirt. I can't say enough about Kari - not only is she a wonderful mom, but she works tirelessly as a volunteer for many charitable causes, namely Hope Preparatory Academy - a school for children with special needs that she FOUNDED about 5 years ago. Jack would be so proud to sport this little t with his name on it!

So Jack, wear it with pride and we will say we DO know JACK!

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