Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fondue Night

I was wandering the aisles at Trader Joe's the other day and discovered a cheese fondue kit. I thought the kids would have a blast doing fondue, and I was totally right!
I used to teach home economics and one of the schools I taught in surplused some old equipment, so I acquired some truly vintage electric fondue pots (yellow and avacado green, naturally) and some fondue forks and cookbooks.
Fondue can be pretty labor intensive, so when I saw the Trader Joe's cheese package, I had to give it a try. Pretty tasty! We started with the cheese course and used french bread and a variety of vegetables as dippers, and ended with a chocolate fondue with fruit dippers and marshmallows. I didn't take any pictures of the cheese course, as it wasn't terribly picture-worthy. But the chocolate course really takes the cake! (pardon the pun)
And, I promise nobody was injured during this fondue night - hard to believe with those long-handled forks!!








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Tami said...

You have a bunch of models there Missy!