Monday, April 6, 2009

My Favorite gift

Missy has been such a good blogger lately. I must officially say "Thank you" for carrying the blogging ball. SFV has been incredibly busy for both of us and yet, even with three small mischievous children, she manages to get blog posts done. Amazing. I will try to do better...I know, you have heard it before, but really, I will.
Ok, so on to the actual post. My birthday was back in January, not a big milestone birthday, just a birthday. It was really a great day. Facebook is a nice thing when it comes to birthdays, who doesn't want 50 or so birthday wishes? Makes you feel really loved, but I digress. Anyway, nice birthday, but my FAVORITE gift was not really a gift at all, but a card made by my daughter. Lily is 8 and we always wonder if she was switched at birth...if she didn't look exactly like me, I think we might investigate. She is a bright, articulate child,but the most amazing things about her are her memory (we had to start warning people around age 3 NEVER to promise what they couldn't deliver, no matter how small because this kid would NEVER forget it) and her self motivation. This is a child who will come home and do her homework by herself, insists on going to swim practice 5 days a week (we really thought 3 was plenty at age 8) and just generally does things that you wouldn't get the idea. So Lily decided to make me a birthday card. She did it by herself (as evidenced by the spelling). The idea, the words, everything. My particular favorite adjective that is hard to see in the picture is "not pitiful"...well, that's good. Any mother who reads this will know that this card is going with me to my grave. I hope that every mother receives something like this from her child at some point. Have a great day!


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The Gunters said...

Sweet Lily. I knew at 18 months that she wasn't just an ordinary little girl!! What a wonderful gift. Miss y'all!