Monday, April 13, 2009

I read this today on someone else's blog and thought it was interesting to sit and reflect on myself and my life. I am not tagging anyone to do this too. If you want to reflect on yourself, terrific! If you don't, that is terrific too!
I once had a anonymous comment left on my blog criticizing me for blogging about myself. And I was really perplexed about that. If you don't want to read about me, that is okay, skip that post. I like that this blog is here to share about me and my family and Liz and her family, and our business, Sweet Funky Vintage. Sweet Funky Vintage is such a HUGE part of our lives, but we are women and Mothers too, so it wouldn't give a complete picture if we didn't share about the other HUGE parts of our lives too. Okay, I am starting to ramble now, so I will get back to my original point.

For Today

Outside my window: it's sunny, which is nice. Blue skies are very welcome after some overcast and chilly days in Southern California.

I am thinking: about trying to get focused and back on track after two weeks of my parents and in-laws visiting and Spring Break.

I am thankful for: time to reflect. time to relax. time to get re-focused. my children. my husband. God.

From the kitchen: I made a crockpot meatloaf for dinner last night. Thank you, Miriam, for sharing the recipe with me. It was tasty! I think I might go out to dinner tonight. Wonder what I will be in the mood for?

I am wearing: (hiding head in shame) - my pajamas. And my awful glasses. My neighbor, who I love for his candor (and his awesome Cuban cooking - but that is another story), he saw my glasses for the first time yesterday and said, "How long have you had those frames? You look like Harry Potter's Mom." And, he is absolutely right! They are hideous! I have had them for over 10 years. It is time, it is past time, that I got new glasses!

I am reading: (again hiding head in shame) - Nothing. I need a good book to read. Suggestions, anyone?

I am hoping: that our housing situation works out soon.

I am creating: fabulous Sweet Funky Vintage clothing every day!

I am hearing: the girls play outside in the backyard.

Around the house: laundry, does it ever end?

One of my favorite things: happy children.

A few plans for the rest of the week: dinner out tonight. a productive week for Sweet Funky Vintage. trying to organize a dinner with friends for Friday night. want to go to a flea market in Long Beach on Sunday - really jonesing to go antique-ing.


Jen said...

That is a good reflection and list! And yall can talk about yourselves all you want. IT IS YOUR BLOG!!! Hmph, some peeps! :)

I'm jonesing to go antiquing too!! OR even hit a good garage sale or two but they are kind of terrible in my area! WAY better in Nashville, TN(where we use to live)...

Have fun!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I like this list! It is just fun to read where people are, in the moment. It's kind of nice to write a reflective post, too, isn't it? I think if people don't like it, they can just move on and get over it! :)

heidi said...

Eh, it's your blog - blog what you want!!

Thanks for stopping by my place - nice to meet you. :-)

I am just finishing up Jodi Picoult's CHange of Heart. It's pretty good. I generally LOVE her but this one is, um, interesting. LOL