Friday, August 24, 2012

Big Girl Room, part 2

Today, I will continue sharing some of the things I created to give my 9 year old a more grown up room!  I had an old lamp from Ikea, with a really plain, boring white lampshade on it, so I dressed it up with some really cool trims (again using the hot glue gun)!  The lamp bit the dust not long after I took this picture, and we replaced it with the coolest lamp from Target!
I also had this old mirror from my days of being a consultant with Southern Living at Home. The company has since folded, but I bet you could find a mirror like this on ebay if you tried. It was called the "dress me up mirror".  I just threaded some really cool polka dot ribbon through the holes.
There isn't really a "theme" to G's new room, we just want to make it colorful and a fun place to hang out. What do you think?

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