Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teacher Gift Ideas

How is it possible that we only have 6 days of school left??? Yikes! End of the school year means a couple of things - beginning of summer and the "I'm bored..." comments starting... and End of the Year Teacher Gifts.
Since I shared a ton of Christmas craft ideas with you back in December, I have been compiling a few ideas for teacher gift ideas over the past few weeks. A few of these, I made during Teacher Appreciation Week a few weeks ago, and a few are ideas I am saving for next year!

My all-time favorite idea - I have done this one several times. This makes a very special gift for the teacher - sweet sentiments from their students, and cold, hard cash!

Here a couple pics of ones that I made a few years ago...

Tying it with fun ribbon is a great way to present it.

I got this idea from an incredibly creative blogger, and she gives great instructions on how to make it here! Go check it out, you will love it, I promise!

I love this idea (although I haven't made this one yet). Cute clipboards!

This idea can be found here!

Here is another that I did a couple of years ago - crayon monograms!

This was my version - I printed the name on cardstock, and then added the crayons with hot glue. The frames were from Ikea.

These were super easy to make, but you can find some instructions here.

I made these for teacher appreciation week this year - totally easy and cute! I picked up the wooden spools at Micheals and spray painted them, and didn't use any special paper punches, I just cut some things free hand. Instructions here.

You can also find these cute ideas on the same site -

Here is another little project I did for Teacher Appreciation Week this year - snazzy scissors! (What can I say, it was a crafty week for me this year)

You can find the tutorial for these scissors here. I didn't ever find the type of modge podge they called for, so I just used what I had and it worked out fine! I picked up 3 packs of scissors from Big Lots for $2!

Another really cool thing I ran across this year was Teacher Appreciation Subway Art! The printable is free and can be located here. I love the way it looks on a clipboard, but I found some canvases at Big Lots, cheap. So, I took some scrapbook paper I had on hand, and modge podged the quote on top of the paper on top of the canvas.

Some other equally fantastic ideas from eighteen25's blog:

This one is totally awesome - I would have loved to have received this when I was a teacher (in my past life I taught high school - crazy, huh?)

You can see how she did this here.

Once you are all finished with your teacher gifts, next you can whip up this awesome Summer To-Do List!

Happy Summer!

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