Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Kid's Table

So, we are covering the tables with brown kraft paper, we are putting out coloring page placemats, and crayons. And, the turkey... so cannot wait to create this turkey!

And, we are loving this idea, so simple, just use a tiny piece of white foam to turn our straw into a mast and sail!

And, since I am working with brown paper bags to make that awesome turkey, why not take it one step further and use small brown bags to make each child their own turkey leg placecard?

And, while the kids are hanging out at their uber-cool table, they can do a little Thanksgiving trivia! One Charming Party has this printable trivia sheet (and the answers!) we plan to use!

After dinner, we will do the activity we did last year, we will make a blessings mix. Each family will be asked ahead of time to bring an ingredient to add to the blessings snack mix. We will talk about the symbolism of each ingredient as the children add their ingredient to the mix. The kids loved snacking on their mix after dinner. You know, when they said they were hungry, 10 minutes after dinner was over!

You can print out a great copy of the legend from another of my favorite blogs, Blonde Designs. I have gotten so many great ideas from their blog!

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Marianna said...

Great post, Missy! Thanks for the ideas.