Monday, May 3, 2010

I cheated.

Many of you know that I made a new year's resolution to spend this year learning to bake really good bread. I know my tendency to wimp out on new year's resolutions, so I added the caveat of not buying any bread this year as an added incentive. There is an exception for hot dot and hamburger buns, however. I don't want to sacrifice a good burger!
So, this weekend, I cheated. I did make it 4 months without buying any bread, just baking it. When I was at Trader Joe's this weekend, they were sampling the most amazing grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. And I was hungry. And they were really good. So, I bought the gouda cheese, and the spiral cut ham (wasn't priced, so they sold it to me totally cheap!), and the sourdough sandwich bread. And I came home, and grilled those sandwiches up! We have company, so the bread only lasted 2 days. And now it is gone. And I'm sad.
So, today, I whipped up some dough for our peasant bread that we totally love. And, I also tried a new recipe I have been looking forward to - Three Cheese Semolina Bread. It is from the King Arthur Flour company (I mail order 25 lb bags of their flour - but you can buy it at the grocery store). The recipe calls for a few specialty items from them, but I was ordering flour anyway, so I bought them too. I have to tell you that the dough smells amazing! I cannot wait to eat this bread tonight!
When I did my King Arthur order, I also bought their highly recommended item - the dough whisk. If you are a bread baker - this is a life changing item. It made mixing my dough super quick and easy. I love this thing!


LRSS said...

I too have been dabbling in bread baking, but since Perry has pretty much mastered pizza dough and baguettes, I do the others. Any way, I just made this last week and it wad awesome!! Chocolate bread:

Al said...

My son has been begging me to get a bread maker - maybe I will join you in the bread making revolution.