Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fall Trunk Show Season Starts July 6th!

I know, I know. How can you think about fall when you are really just trying to survive the last week of the school year and are thinking that it would be easier to balance the national budget than to try to coordinate your childrens' summer schedules!

But, let's talk fall for a few minutes. The Sweet Funky Vintage fall/winter trunk show season starts July 6th and ends mid-October. You could schedule a mimosa brunch, a summer afternoon drop-in trunk show, or how about an evening get-together with wine and cupcakes? If you host in July, you will receive a half-priced item of your choosing, in addition to our already great hostess benefits. And, your clothing ordered in July will be to you in time for school to start - when you need those fall clothes! And, you didn't have to brave the back-to-school crowds at the mall at all. When your friends are complaining to you about having to go back to the mall yet another time, for one more thing... you can just shrug and sympathize, knowing that you were waaaay smarter this year!

Hosting a trunk show with Sweet Funky Vintage couldn't be easier! You choose a show date period that lasts three days. Some periods available are weekdays and some are weekends. A few weeks before your show period, you will receive postcard invitations and an e-vite. You will invite everyone you can think of that loves great children's clothing - who doesn't? The day before your show period, you will receive the trunk, chock full of everything you need for your show - order forms, design guides, samples - you name it! During your show period, we are available by phone and email for any questions you may have. The trunk includes postage and instructions for arranging to have your trunk picked up from your doorstep the day after your show period ends. Easy Peasy! No later than (often much earlier) 8-10 weeks later, your customers receive their clothing directly, so no running around delivering everything by the hostess!

You may be asking yourself, what makes Sweet Funky Vintage different from other children's trunk show companies? A few things, actually.

* We allow a lot more customization. All of our styles can be made in ANY of our fabrics. The sky is the limit in what you can design. Our design-your-own section of our website is just a small representation of what you can do at our trunk shows. Our customers can pretend they are on project runway and truly create their own designs! We have 29 fabrics in our fall collection, and approximately 36 different clothing styles. If I were a math person, which I'm not, that would calculate to like a bazillion different possible combinations!!

* We also allow some size customization. There are not other trunk show companies who allow you to do that. If you have a tall, skinny kid, we can make her skirt with a smaller waist and added length - no problem!

* We have a social mission. We believe in good citizenship and we practice that by supporting and the Treehouse of Tallahassee, a women and children's shelter. We have two programs, our birthday program, and wonderfully worn. We invite our customers to partner with us in these programs - you can read more about them by clicking the links.

* In addition to our custom made designs, we also sell bows arts hairbows, monkeybar buddies, emtanner designs, and lima bean kids products - really fantastic things that we know you will love!

Our goal is the grow Sweet Funky Vintage by completely booking our fall trunk show schedule. We came very close to that this past spring season. Won't you help us reach our goal? Our hostess benefits are below, just click to make it larger - take a look and let us know if you have any questions at all by emailing us. We will be happy as clams (happier, no doubt!) to help you book your show right now!

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