Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We really enjoy Easter. The Easter bunny visits our house and leaves a bunch of messy footprints. But he also leaves Easter baskets too! The girls enjoy discovering them and following the footprints!

These are the tracks the bunny left coming up our front walk.

Here are the tracks inside the house. They lead right up to the Easter baskets left for the girls and then right out the back door!

The girls were excited to see their baskets!

Nana sent beautiful Easter dresses for the girls to wear!

We are really blessed to have such wonderful friends and neighbors who are really family.

Jessica, Me, and Rob

Jayne and Randy

The ladies

Jersey Jo

Tosha and Jayne

For the second year in a row in California, we had an Easter potlunch luck and Easter egg hunt. This year, we had 19 children hunting around 600 eggs! It was fantastic - they really had a blast!

We interrupt this eggs hunt for a little Sweet Funky Vintage! (Olivia M.)

Georgia finds the prize egg!

Sophia is checking out all of the "hidden" eggs!

Brandon and Grace

Sophie, Georgia and Andie


Tom and Rob

Ashley and Grace

Tami, Lansel, Ashley and Grace

Greg, Anna, and Thomas



Jo and Rob

Sophia practicing for the hunt

Chris and Rob


Joanne Rodriguez said...

awesome pics...thank you :)

kimboyer said...

I love your idea, and the children's clothes are darling! Enjoyed reading your friendship story too! Good luck to both of you!:) Kim