Friday, March 26, 2010

More Virtual Shopping...

Am I the only one whose mailbox is flooded with catalogs? I have to admit that with three small children, I do alot of online shopping. I mean, I don't know, but dragging a double stroller and a 7 year old through store after store leaving a trail of cheerios and hair bows behind doesn't sound like a really fun time, does it?
So, due to the fact that I am an online shopper, I guess that means I am destined to receive enough catalogs to wallpaper my house.
I try to browse the catalogs while I am waiting at doctor's offices, gymnastics and ballet lessons and turn down a few page corners. At least then, when I toss the catalog into the recycling bin, I don't feel like it was a total waste of money (on the company's part) and trees.

Lately, I have enjoyed looking at:

Paper Source

My girls would love these chalkboard placemats!

I totally loved making little artwork out of fingerprints when I was a kid!

Have you discovered Boden yet?

I am determined that someday I will own a real Dianne Von Furstenberg wrap dress. However, until I do, this wrap jersey dress from Boden might have to do...

Love these sandals! The bright colors are too fun! Of all the colors, silver might be my favorite...

Also digging these shoes - the pumps and the espadrilles.

I love this dress - they call it the must have shift!

The ribbon trim jacket is fabulous in several colors - especially fennel.

Aren't these butterfly slingback flats beautiful?

And, tunics, are flattering on practically everyone!


i want fabric said...

your table is old, so paint 6 placemats with chalkboard paint. Then when you have company, use a table cloth, or other placemats, or better yet - what a great conversation piece. Love, Mom

i want fabric said...

okay, you are so talented, paint 6 placemats on the table (it is old after all) with all the cute stuff, then if you have company you don't want to see them (but who wouldn't) use a tablecloth of real placemats. See, Moms are good for something. Love you.

missysue said...

Love the goodies! I have spent so much time as of late just browsing through the online goodness, thanks for giving me more places to visit ;o)

love + luck + bliss,