Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch 2009

Once again, we trekked to the pumpkin patch. We are lucky to live near a really fantastic pumpkin patch - Bates Nut Farm. However, bear in mind that it was 93 degrees here in Southern California that day. The temperature shift each day here, in the fall, is about 30 degrees. So, we wake up and get dressed and it is 60 degrees, nice cool weather that warrants wearing long sleeves. Then, by 11 am when we were leaving the pumpkin patch, it was in the 90s and the girls were literally melting. Crazy.

Everyone loves a good hayride!

The hay maze was fun for the kids, but we started to get really, really hot!

Georgia always really wants to get the biggest pumpkin she can find.

Olivia hunts for pumpkins...

and then there is Sophia...

Finally, the perfect pumpkins are chosen, and poor old Dad has to carry them out.

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