Monday, November 23, 2009

Olivia's 4th Birthday Party

Olivia decided awhile ago that she wanted a balloon themed birthday party. So, that is what she got!

You may have seen this post about the invitations with text designed by tomkatstudios.

The decor was easy - balloons everywhere! I used my display boards covered with fabric and the little baggies filled with round candies did double duty as decoration and as prizes for the games.

The first game was the balloon stomp. I printed out colored shapes on pieces of paper and stuffed them into balloons that we blew up. Then we threw them out into the yard and the kids stomped on them to pop them and try to find matches of the shapes.

Daddy handing out prizes -

Another game we played was "pin the nose on the clown".

After last year's cupcakes, I had to go for simple balloons of fondant on top of each cupcake.

Olivia's best friend, Mia.

Olivia invited her preschool teacher from last year, Ms. Tammy.

I found these great face stickers to make balloon faces as another activity.

Check out this face! She loves the chocolate dipped pretzel rods!

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