Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Recap

In our household, the summer absolutely flew by! I cannot believe that summer is already over. We traveled, relaxed, enjoyed life, actually went to the beach for the first time since moving to California a year ago, and now the girls are back in school!

One of the highlights of our summer was our BIG TRIP to the East Coast. First we visited my family in the mountains of North Carolina and then we traveled, by car, to visit my husband's family in Wisconsin. During our car trip, we stopped overnight outside of Indianapolis and visited two of my favorite people - Paula Prass and her daughter, Jennifer Storey.
Here are a few pictures from our visit!

We met for dinner at a great hamburger place in charming Carmel, Indiana. The restaurant was right next door to an old railroad trail that has been turned into a walking, biking, jogging trail. Chris took the girls for a walk and they tried chasing and catching lightening bugs (a.k.a. fireflies if you are a yankee!). There were also these fabulous statues of really realistic people posed on the main street in Carmel - they really delighted the girls!

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lelly said...

you three are a pretty picture (and your wearing my wedding colors!)

what a trip! hope we'll hear more about it.