Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Party Ideas...

I have run across some uber-talented ladies today while scouring the internet for birthday party ideas. You may recall that I am planning for Olivia's birthday next month, she will be turning four, and really wants a ride in the big yellow balloon at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

I haven't yet found a balloon themed party, but I have found some parties that are too stinkin' cute. Thought I'd share...

Are you familiar with Polkadots & Pirates? Jess is a party-ware designer, who has recently gone back to teaching elementary school. Her party planning schedule for 2009 is completely booked up, but she does have a waiting list for 2010 already - and it looks really full! I have to wonder why she hasn't given up the world of educating our future leaders, to make fabulous party-ware full time?! ;)
If you have the time, I recommend browsing her blog and checking out all of her fabulous parties, but the ice cream party is my top favorite, and I am thinking about trying to convince one of the girls to go for this theme - maybe Georgia's 7th birthday?

Anyway, check out her tablescape:

I love, love, love the use of all of the bright colored tubs. I am sooooo going to be on the look out for some of those. And the tags on everything are so brilliant and cute!

How about this one? Ice cream certainly leads to sticky hands, so the idea of putting out baby wipes - also brilliant! I wish her 2009 schedule wasn't already full!

And, the party favors? Inspired! A cute felt tote bag with personalized tags, filled with ice cream cones and a container of sprinkles - all they need to do is add ice-cream for an ice cream party of their own at home!

I have also found another ice-cream party buffet table - one of a more elegant sort, more suited to an adult party, but isn't it divine?

I discovered this party spread on the Eat Drink Chic blog - wowzers! And, the very best part, is that the blog post is filled with instructions on how to create your own! Complete with, printables - no kidding!! You can absolutely do this yourself with the tools she has provided!

I have more parties to share, but I will save those for another day!

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