Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Southern Goodness

Here in the SOUTH, we love our traditions, so sit down and have a glass of sweet tea and join my tour of a Tallahassee Tradition....Springtime Tallahassee. Springtime Tallahassee was originally conceived to help bring attention to the city of Tallahassee when they wanted to move the capital to somewhere more central in the state. The capital remained in Tallahassee and we have celebrated the city every spring since.
Locals can join groups called Krewes that each represent a period in history. We are part of Spanish Krewe...supposedly this means we represent the time when the Spaniards founded Florida....really it means that we drink lots of "libations" while dressed as Spanish Royalty.
High school age children of Krewe members are eligible to join an organization called Belles and Gents. This is a cotillion like group that learns etiquette, takes dancing lessons, wears big southern dresses and gets to ride on a float (no libations for the kids). My darling boy is representing this group as Mr. Springtime 2009....he gets to wear a sash and everything! Pictures from the coronation:

Mr. Springtime and his proud parents

With Miss Springtime and Miss Congeniality

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