Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Easy cookies and more Christmas love

Whew, I am happy that it is Tuesday! We finished Market Days in Tallahassee on Sunday evening. Monday was a whirlwind of decorating, errand running and cleaning as I got ready to host a cookie exchange for my church circle (no, I am not 80, really) last night. I had a small cookie emergency...so now I have FAST cookie fix to share with you! I TRIED to make these raspberry pinwheel cookies from Real Simple's December issue. Unfortunately, they are NOT real simple! Soooooo....4:30 and I need cookies for an exchange that starts at 6:30. Here's what you need: 1 bag of square pretzels, 1 bag of M&M's, 1 bag of Hershey Hugs and 1 bag of Hershey Peppermint kisses. Here is the VERY COMPLICATED recipe: Lay pretzels out on baking tray. Unwrap kisses...try not to eat too many, they look better on the cookies than on your butt, trust me....place kisses on pretzels. Place in an oven that has been preheated to 200 degrees. Bake for 5 minutes. Remove from oven and place one M&M on each kiss...same advice regarding M&M's...better on the cookies. Let cookies cool or stick in the fridge to harden. Voila'...you are done! They look cute and would be easy to do with little chefs as well. Finished product pictured in upper left hand corner of the collage. Happy baking!

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Angel said...

I love that pretzel/kiss/M&M recipe. I bought all the ingredients last week to bring out as a special treat to make with the girls tomorrow. It's the perfect treat for little hands to make since they can be involved in the whole process.


djStoreRooom said...

Great recipe!!


Jess said...

instead of a kiss, try a rolo candy and then press down with an m&m or pecan....yummy!

carlo said...

is that an elf on the shelf, i spy?

george (ours) has been enjoying his stay...

love your collage.

we did the pretzel, dove caramel and pecans. yum

MERRY CHRISTMAS to both of you and your adorable families