Monday, September 29, 2008

Carol Decker

We read about the Decker family's story a few weeks ago, and it touched us. We wanted to do something to help, some small something, anything... So, we have made two separate donations to the auctions on behalf of the Decker family. The first auction closed awhile ago, for a whopping $500. Wow!
The second donation that we have made is running now, and will close on Tuesday. So, perhaps you will make a bid on our donated item, or one of the many other donated items. Or, maybe you can donate something else to be auctioned. It could be something that you create, or maybe just something you have around the house that would be a good choice. Please give in any way that you can.
To read about the Decker family - click here.
To visit the auctions for Carol - click here.
To visit our donation - click here.

1 comment:

Jen said...

ok wow! I found you on SITS, so I am a newbie! I love LOVE your stuff! too CUTE!

ANd I just read that story about Carol. Phew, what a heart-wrenching story! I read something similart to this but it is the husband and the wife/mother didn't make it. Man, its just so touching.

Love the site!