Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aren't we crafty?

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I saw this post on a cool blog, Joys of Home, and it reminded me of a craft I made awhile back.
My original inspiration came from an old issue of the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.
The best part is that they were easy and totally cheap!
At Michael's, I purchased some acrylic paint, wooden letters and wooden plaques, and a sponge brush. I scrounged in my studio and added some quilt batting, scrap fabric, and ribbon. The only tools needed were a hot glue gun and a staple gun.
I painted the letters and let them dry. Then I laid the wooden plaques down on the fabric and traced around them, leaving about 2 inches of extra fabric, all the way around. Then did the same with the quilt batting. I lay the fabric face down, with the quilt batting and the wooden plaque on top of those. Then I stretched the fabric around the batting and plaque and stapled it in place with the staple gun, making sure it was tight. Then I turned it over so the fabric covered plaque was face up on the table. I positioned the letter where I wanted it and hot glued it in place. After it dried, I turned the plaque over again and staple gunned the ribbon in place. Ta-da!
The pottery barn catalog featured the plaques hanging on a door with an oval plaque in front of a colored oval painted on the door behind - to frame it. It was very cool. I live in a rental, so sadly, the painted oval was not an option. Maybe next time!


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Kim Sue said...

super cute...I really like the blog Joys of Home but it makes me feel a tad bit inadequate. Where does all the time go?