Friday, July 18, 2008

More DR, the lighter side


We are the hands and feet of Christ

My husband Lee and his two little buddies, Willie and Freddy. Willie walks with an limpy sort of gait due to Polio. Polio...a disease none of our children will never have. He has had several surgeries to allow him to walk at all. He had the sweetest soul and was a very hard worker.

One day we went to the beach, our group and their Dominican "buddies". We stopped to look at the view which was incredible
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This is Josie (Jose') who we are sponsoring at the University where he is studying languages. He hopes to get a job in the tourist industry once he completes his degree.

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lelly said...

i am a member of Rotary, and one of our biggest global initiatives is Polio Plus - the eventual eradication of polio on the Earth.

i love the first image. the hands. how true, how true.