Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Beautiful Birthday Party!

Those of you who have signed up to host a trunk show or be a Sweet Funky Vintage consultant recently, have surely spoken to our Sydney on the telephone. You would know if you had, she would brighten your day with a little Southern sparkle!
Recently, Sydney celebrated her oldest daughter, Graces' birthday. My three daughters were invited, as were many of our neighborhood friends. It was so beautifully done, I wanted to share it with you. What makes it so special is not that it was extravagant or expensive, but that it was simply gorgeous, because of all of the small details!
The party was a morning party - pancakes and pajamas - what a great theme!

All of the seating was outside, and the little girls all took their seats and were served from steaming platters of biscuits, eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Just outside the backdoor was the buffet table you see above. Some of my favorite features...
* The "flowers" on the far left - created by using a large styrofoam ball into which pink cupcake liners were scrunched. Don't they look like carnations?
* The party favors are small mason jars filled with applesauce, and topped with fabric that matches the party decor. (I might be partial, but we also have this particular fabric in our Spring line!! It is stinkin' cute as a boy's tie!)
* The self-serve orange juice dispenser and fruit containers were a HUGE hit with the girls!

I do know that Sydney purchased a set of party printables on Etsy, but I am sorry to say that I don't know the name of the seller she bought them from. If you are curious, just comment and I will find out for you!

How cute are these yummy red velvet cupcakes with the cupcake circles in them?!

Another favorite feature of mine were these fabric chandeliers! I saw the idea at the Los Angeles Textile show last August, and adapted it for my Olivia's birthday party last fall. I taught Sydney how to make them too - aren't they perfect for this outside party? And, check out the mason jars, filled with peas and tealights... I am so stealin' that idea!! :)

I wasn't quick enough to take a picture of the tables before the girls ate, so I had to wait until after they finished eating and left the table to take a picture. So, bear in mind, that it was much prettier before!! Mental note, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have fresh flowers for a party!

A closeup of some of the tabletop details...

One of the party games, was an old-fashioned sack race. Beyond adorable! Especially when Sam fell over and got a little extra help! The smile on his face could light up the world!

I didn't get any good pictures of the other game - "Place your heart on Justin Beiber". There was a poster of Justin Beiber (Oh, yeah, all the little girls around here have "Beiber Fever") and each girl got a heart sticker to try to place as close to Justin Beiber's heart as possible, while wearing a blindfold. There was also a craft activity at the party. With over 20 girls in attendance, the other Moms and I were amazed at how quiet and peaceful and happy the party was!

I will close this post with another of my favorite party features - a memory banner... pictures of Grace through the years! Love it!

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