Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quilt Market 2009

Time flies when you are having fun! Fall quilt market time is here again! Liz and I headed off to Houston, Texas last week for our annual visit to fall quilt market.
Liz has the absolute worst luck flying of anyone that I know. Everytime she flies, something happens to make it an unpleasant experience. Every time. It has approached the level of comical. Well, comical to everyone except for her!
So, she leaves Tallahassee at the crack of dawn, to fly to Charlotte, and then to Houston. I leave San Diego at the crack of dawn, but am flying direct. She should arrive about 30 minutes or so before me. Houston is having a raging storm. Bad weather - so bad that they stop allowing planes to land. So, Liz's airplane goes into a holding pattern. They stay there until they are too low on fuel, and then divert to New Orleans. I also have to go into a holding pattern, but only briefly, and end up landing almost on time. Granted, it was not a pretty landing. It was one of those landings where the entire planeload of people burst into applause.
I hung out in the Houston airport for awhile waiting for Liz, but she was still stuck in New Orleans, so I went ahead and took the shuttle to our hotel.
We stayed at the lovely Hilton Americas, and will probably stay there again next year, as it is so convenient. Liz finally arrives, 5 hours late.
We headed off to fabric 2.0, hosted by the fabulous and witty, Caroline Devoy of JCaroline fame. There are few people who make me laugh as much as she does! She is such a fun person to be around. You must read her blog!
We met up with our roommate for the weekend, Anna Garner, of Sweet Dreams Designs and Grandmother's Joy, a children's boutique in Birmingham, Alabama. We also visited with Jona of fabritopia

and I met the adorable, Tracy of hipfabric. Tracy and I posed in our brassyapple scarves and she taught me a super easy way to post pictures to ubertwitter using my blackberry. Thanks again, Tracy!

After the cocktail party, we swung over to the convention center to visit Sample Spree. Sample spree is such a fun event, but it can be hazardous to your health! There were literally HUNDREDS of people in line for the event. So, Liz and I sat down and waited for the line to dissapate before going in. I mean, we love fabulous fabrics and goodies as much as the next person, but it isn't worth getting run over by a motorized scooter for!!

here is Liz, waiting for sample spree to start.

more tomorrow...

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