Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poopy Party

Our youngest daughter, Sophia, has been potty training for awhile - months, and months, and months it seems! She had watched her older sisters and was showing interest and indications that she was ready to begin training, so we got out the little potty and parked it in the family room. Thank God for wood floors. For several months, we let her experiment with the potty. We didn't get serious about the training until more time passed and we were pretty sure she was ready to get serious. Then we pulled out all the tricks that we had used successfully with the two older sisters. She mastered #1 (hereinafter called tee-tee) in short order. Granted, we had a few accidents, but she mastered it in what we would consider a normal amount of time. However, #2 (hereinafter called poopy), we had NO success with. She wouldn't try it. She wouldn't even consider trying it. We discussed it. We discussed it with all the parents we know, asking for advice. We discussed it with her. No. Bear in mind that she is about 2 1/2. No is a word we hear alot. No. No. No. She had made up her mind. There would be no poopy in the potty. She was wearing panties except for at naptime. So, she would save up the poopy for when she was wearing a diaper at naptime. Lovely. We begged. We pleaded. No.

There would be no poopy.

We promised her that if she would go poopy in the potty she could have a party. This sparked her interest. She asked for cupcakes. She asked for balloons. She asked for all of her friends to come. We said, "Yes!" We said, "If you poopy in the potty, you can have all of those things!" Still, it was weeks before she would attempt it. Finally, she did. Thank God!

So, we had a party. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends who came and participated in the poopy party. We promised them that there would be no actual poopy at the party. That might have helped to convince them to come.

At the time we held the party, she had only pooped in the potty once. The day after the party, she did it again. You know what happened, right? Yep. She looked at me with that cute little face and said, "Can I have another party?"


I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and served ice cream to the kids.

For the adults, I made cowpie cookies! No kidding! Really, you have to keep your sense of humor about all of this!!
They were very good, no-bake cookies!


Heather said...

How fun! I love the idea :)

Heather said...

How fun! I love the idea :)

Sara said...

This sounds JUST like my little boy. Same age. Will NOT poop in the potty. He brings me a pull-up and says that he needs to put it on cause he's "gotta poop real bad hurry hurry!" Under the kitchen table. He says he will poop in the potty "when he is 2 minutes! (He is 2 1/2 also!) We may have to have a poop party!